The IAGD Vision:


  • Celebrate the diverse abilities of all geoscience students, faculty and working professionals by fostering student engagement in geoscience career pathways.


  • Develop a community of resources for faculty and student support.


  • Advance knowledge of access and accommodation within the geosciences through scientific research.


  • Promote efforts of inclusion through collaboration in research, dissemination of instructional best practices, and professional development opportunities.
Group photo in the field in the GSA Denver Trip.


Making a donation helps us get more students involved in the Geosciences.


Join our worldwide community!

As a member of the IAGD, you’ll get access to these benefits:

  • Students: make friends and find resources.
  • Professionals: connect and help each other.
  • Participate in the email listserv to get & offer help.
  • Apply for conference grants
  • Receive updates about IAGD activities


This includes public and private sector professionals, educators, students, families… anyone interested in making geoscience more accessible.

Racism and Disability

We recognize that disability is not the only identity within the IAGD community. Specifically, we recognize that individuals that sit at the intersection of race and disability face significant and complex daily barriers in society.

Read the IAGD Executive Committee’s message to the IAGD community.

Apply to be a Student Ambassador

A Student Ambassador for the International Association for Geoscience and Diversity (IAGD) will serve as a connection between the Ambassador’s university and the IAGD. The purpose of this connection is to share information and resources provided by the IAGD with individual universities, while helping to create an inclusive community of diverse ability levels within the larger geoscience community.

The Ambassador will also assist in developing the IAGD Student Community by actively sharing information about educational opportunities such as scholarships and fellowships, posting information from the IAGD on their social media platforms, and maintaining an online presence in the Student Community Forums on the IAGD website.

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