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We are actively seeking partnerships with members of the geoscience community across academic institutions, government agencies, professional societies and private sector companies to help expand diversity initiatives, especially with respect to disability inclusion in all of its forms.

Here are ways we are already partnering with other organizations to expand our efforts:

Instructional Development Workshops

Host a departmental or a regional workshop for your faculty instructors and graduate teaching assistants.  Learn to identify common barriers preventing full participation and design inclusive coursework through universally-designed instructional strategies.  These workshops are facilitated by experienced IAGD members.

Inclusive Activity and Course Design

Be paired with an IAGD member who will help you modify existing coursework, or create new courses and activities with inclusively-designed strategies that will accommodate all disability types.

Field Site Evaluation

An IAGD field site assessor will travel to and evaluate the accessibility of your field course or camp locations.  A report of the evaluation will be provided including recommendations on accommodating different disability types.

Accessible Field Courses

IAGD members lead accessible field courses and trips for your organization’s event, regional or national society meeting.  Courses can be pre-designed, or created collaboratively based on the content experience and abilities of your participants.

Student and Faculty Mentoring

IAGD members are paired with faculty and students to support access and work together to overcome barriers to participation in academic settings and workforce development programs.

Some IAGD Partnership examples:

  • Geological Society of London
    • In September 2017 the IAGD became an Associated Society of the Geological Society of London.  Associated Societies are organisations with aims and missions consistent with those of the Geological Society in advancing the geosciences.  Members of the IAGD have worked with the Society for several years including organising the very successful “Accessible Fieldwork: Confronting Barriers to Inclusion” meeting, which was held at the Society’s Burlington House in London in June 2015.  This conference explored the issues involved in making fieldwork accessible to learners with a diverse range of abilities. The Society is also providing support and advice on setting up the new UK Chapter, the IAGD’s first international chapter, being launched in June, 2018.
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists
    • Assist with the redesign of the IAGD website, promotional materials, and online network of resources.
  • Society of Exploration Geophysicists
    • Partnered with the IAGD on the IAGD-GSA Accessible Field Course in Vancouver.

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