The first virtual IAGD General Meeting was held last Friday, December 14th, hosted by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI).  The agenda for this meeting is included below, along with links to the presentation slides, the audio recording, and the transcript for the recording.  Finally, highlights of the meeting are included below as well.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Announcements
  • GSA wrap-up
  • Bylaws
  • Executive committee roles
  • Branding
  • Foundation update
  • Newsletter items

Presentation slides

Audio Recording

Transcript to Audio Recording

Important notice:  The deadlines for feedback and nominations, originally discussed in the General Meeting webinar, have been moved to January 4th, in hopes of a higher number of responses after the holidays.

An email will then be sent out on January 7th with a survey link to vote on all Executive Committee nominations, organizational name and the Bylaw approval.  This survey link will go out to the IAGD membership only, so if you are not listed on the network membership (i.e. if you are not listed on the website), please email us soon!!  Remember there are no membership dues or fees!

The IAGD is seeking nominations for the following Executive Committee positions.   The open positions are:

  • Executive Director
  • Executive Secretary
  • Director of Marketing and Promotion
  • Director of Membership and Community Engagement
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Director of Foundations
  • Executive Counselor (seeking 2 for this year)

The position descriptions can be found starting on page 5 in the draft bylaws document (link below).  If you are interested in one or more of these positions, or you know someone you think would do well in one of these roles please email your nomination to by Friday, January 4th.

A modification of the current organization name is being considered.  A change from the International Advisory for Geoscience Diversity to one which reflects our focus on access to the geosciences for students and professionals with disabilities (rather than the larger umbrella of diversity).  If everyone feels that a name change is needed, we are open to suggestions.  Although it would be best if we could keep the current acronym (IAGD), this is not necessary.  We do need to come to a conclusion on our branding now, since we are quickly expanding the network.

Three suggestions that have been made so far:

  • International Association for Geoscience Diverse-Abilities
  • International Association for Diverse-Abilities in the Geosciences (IADAG)
  • Increasing Access to the Geosciences for Diverse-Abilities

If you have other suggestions for names send them to by Friday, January 4th. We will be voting on the organizational branding starting January 7th.

Finally, the IAGD Bylaws Draft is available for you to comment on.  At this time, corrections based on all comments are being made.  The final version will be sent to the membership for approval.  To make comments on areas that need to be changed, follow this link:

Please have a look. If you have suggestions to improve this document, please make comments directly in the document.  The deadline for comments and suggested changes is Friday, January 4th.

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