IAGD Annual Meeting
October 19, 2014

Hyatt Regency, Georgia A
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Meeting called to order by IAGD Executive Director, Chris Atchison, at 4:00 pm

In attendance:

Gina Applebee* Julie Hendricks Stephanie Rollins
Ruth Armbruster Heather Houlton Ben Russell
Chris Atchison* Alison Jolley Katherine Ryker
Jennifer Dawson Cole Kingsbury Alison Stokes*
Rich Dudek Adrianne Leinbach Cassie Stuurman
Anthony Feig* Gretchen Miller* Wendi J.W. Williams*
Brett Gilley* Charles Paradis

*indicates current or former IAGD Executive Committee member

Dr. Chris Atchison, IAGD Executive Director, leading the 2014 Annual Meeting. Proof that we had an actual space to meet this year!

Dr. Chris Atchison, IAGD Executive Director, leading the 2014 Annual Meeting. Proof that we had an actual space to meet this year!

1.   Welcome and Introduction of Executive Committee

  • This is our third annual meeting, first in an actual meeting room!
  • Current Executive Committee members introduced
  • Outgoing Executive Committee members thanked for service  (Feig, Applebee)
  • New Executive Committee members introduced (Stokes, Williams)


2.   Announcements

  • First fully accessible field trip was a success
  • Chris looking for graduate student at University of Cincinnati, Master’s or PhD level
  • We are looking for a Director for the IAGD Foundation
    • Chris attending meeting tomorrow with Geoff Feiss, Jack Hess and Chris Tallackson of GSA to see what support GSA can offer IAGD


3.   Bylaws Update

  • We need to review the IAGD Bylaws for
    • necessary changes in nomination and balloting
    • IAGD headquarters change (Atlanta to Cincinnati)
    • review and update duties of Executive Committee
    • create new section focused on fundraising and financial use
      • Foundation committee
      • Goals and objectives
      • Acceptance and approval process
      • IAGD Secretary and Executive Counselors will be asked to lead this review


4.   Membership Update

  • Membership on the IAGD network is increasing
  • A lot of internet and social media traffic
  • Still no members in a few states
  • Maybe we can reach out to other groups for advertising
    • Look into becoming an Associated Society of AGI and AGU


5.   Communications

  • Website updates
    • New job listing board
    • Adding new members
    • Newsletter
      • Need Ideas for changing/ adding images/ member profiles
      • Facebook
        • Active posting, drives people to our website
        • GSA sharing a lot of our Facebook items
        • Webinars
          • Potential to continue running webinars through AGI

6.   GSA Events

  • IAGD Booth #319 up and running
  • Geoscience Education reception tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 pm
  • AGI career information lunch and session Tuesday
  • Global Geoscience Education session Wednesday morning
    • Presentation on accessible field trip at 11:20
    • OTF – a couple students present at this meeting
      • Booth in exhibit hall
      • Mentors may be needed for future students


7.   Student Community, International Ambassadors

  • About 18 different countries represented in IAGD membership
  • Few students outside U.S. who want to be more involved but don’t know how
    • We would like to make these students International Ambassadors
    • How do we formalize this process?


8.   Project Ideas and Collaboration Opportunities

  • Keep eyes open for funding and opportunities to collaborate with research projects
    • Remember IAGD is now 6 years old
    • Inclusive instruction workshops
      • Trying to expand to a regional approach
      • ½ day workshop at AGU last year was tough, full day works better
      • Accessible field consortium
        • Several schools either have or are interested in this
        • Students can choose these schools to be accommodated for field study
        • Geoscience faculty guidebook
          • Will contain best practices and be geoscience specific
          • Not much news since last meeting
          • Need team of 2-3 people to put together (C. Kingsbury will co-direct this effort)
          • Should include field and lab settings
          • Accessible field trips at future GSA meetings
            • Is anyone familiar with geology at future meeting locations?
            • May ask GSA for funding
            • Probably not next year (Baltimore), maybe following year (Denver)
            • Field trip yesterday went very well, good weather


9.   Virtual General Meeting

  • Instead of December 2014 meeting we will plan to have virtual meeting 6 months after face-to-face meeting at GSA. This will be more effective than re-reporting what was discussed at GSA, and allow for reporting of new information.
  • May delay newsletter to fit better with meeting schedule
    • January newsletter move up to December, then June to May?


Meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm

Respectfully submitted:  G. Miller, Executive Counselor for C. Bradford, Secretary


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