10. IAGD Community Quick Hits

Are you working on research that will directly impact the inclusion of students with disabilities in the geosciences?
Please contact us to learn how you can promote your accessible projects and research through the IAGD. Visit www.theiagd.org/category/community/ to view project information from current IAGD members.
Collaborate with the IAGD!
Collaboration and partnerships being the strength of innovative initiates, we are always looking for new collaborative opportunities. Do you have a project that you need assistance with? Are you looking for a researchable project idea? We have both ideas to share and people who are interested in working with you. For more information regarding partnership opportunities, please contact us at info@theiagd.org
Be social!
The impact of social media is based on the timeliness and relevance of the information being shared to a broad community. Many updates and resources from the inclusive geoscience community are disseminated through social media. However, those that are most important will also be shared via the IAGD website. Find the most recent IAGD event information and community resources on geoscience accessibility on the IAGD Facebook page. Please like us at www.facebook.com/TheIAGD.
Follow the IAGD on Twitter
The IAGD now has a twitter account. Follow @AccessibleGEO to stay up to date with the most recent information.
IAGD community Google Group
Similar to a listserv, the IAGD Google Group is a place for you to access a community full of experience on the topic of access, inclusion, and science education. Have a question or need resources for a student you are working with? Post announcements, discuss issues of accommodation and inclusion, and share resources with the entire IAGD community. Request access at: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/the-iagd
Have you been to the website lately?
Development of the IAGD website is ongoing. Have a look at the latest updates at www.TheIAGD.org. There is an active “news” page as well as advice for students on the “community” page. If you have something you would like to add (i.e. instructional resources, student resources, or information on current research), please send an email to: info@theiagd.org.
Keep us updated!
Do you have a new title, have you moved to a new position, or are you using a new email address? If so, please send your current information to info@theiagd.org so we can keep the membership list updated and to be certain you are not missing out on the network communications.
Become a member of the IAGD!
The IAGD is looking to connect with new members worldwide. Remember, there are no membership fees or annual dues to be a part of the IAGD network. If you are aware of faculty who would be interested in sharing instructional resources with the IAGD network and promoting access to the geosciences; students who would benefit from a supportive community;
instructors who could utilize the building resources and instructional workshops; or any other person who might benefit from being part of this community, please direct them to our website: www.TheIAGD.org, or email: info@theiagd.org.
If you know of anyone who would be interested in becoming a member or working with the IAGD, please forward this newsletter to them and encourage them to contact us to learn more.
Help us promote the network!
Watch for IAGD members wearing (and distributing) the IAGD logo nametag stickers at upcoming geoscience, education, and disabilities research meetings. If you are planning to attend an upcoming geoscience or science education conference and would like to distribute IAGD promotional materials, email us and we will be glad to send some for you to share.
Have news to share?
News items can be uploaded in the Recent News section. Access to post can also be granted. Contact us at info@theiagd.org for details.

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