January 2013 IAGD Newsletter: IAGD Student Community

10. IAGD Student Community STUDENT MEMBERS WANTED! Students are especially encouraged to join and help us continue to build the growing community of students with disabilities in the geosciences. Faculty, we need your help to discuss the IAGD network with your students, encourage them to join and share their...

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January 2013 IAGD Newsletter: IAGD community development

8. IAGD community development Development of the IAGD website is ongoing. Have a look at the latest rollout at www.TheIAGD.org. There is an active “news” page as well as advice for students on the “community” page. If you have something you’d like to add (i.e. instructional resources, student resources,...

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January 2013 IAGD Newsletter: Accessibility Workshops

7. Accessibility Workshops In 2012, the IAGD presented the Instructional Approaches to Access, Accommodation, and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in the Geosciences short courses at the International Geoscience Congress in Brisbane, Australia as well as the Geological Society of America in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. This course is...

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January 2013 IAGD Newsletter: Creation of the IAGD Foundation

6. Creation of the IAGD Foundation The IAGD is currently collaborating with the Geological Society of America (GSA) to create a foundation. The establishment of this foundation will enable the IAGD to provide seed grants to students interested in conducting research on accessibility in the geosciences; travel support for...

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January 2013 IAGD Newsletter: Organizational Branding

5. Organizational Branding A modification of the current name is being considered. The focus of our organization is students and professionals with disabilities in the Geosciences, the current name, the International Advisory for Geoscience Diversity, suggests we work more on diversity in the larger sense. Although it would be...

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January 2013 IAGD Newsletter: 2012 General Meeting Review

1. 2012 General Meeting Review The first virtual IAGD General Meeting was held Friday, December 14th, hosted by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI). The agenda for this meeting, along with links to the presentation slides, the audio recording, and the transcript for the audio recording can all be found...

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