6. Instructional Accommodation Workshop

Bring it to your campus!
The Instructional Approaches to Access, Accommodation, and Inclusion for Students with Disabilities in the Geosciences workshop has now been presented in Charlotte, NC, San Francisco, CA, San Antonio, TX, and in Brisbane, Australia. It has been presented from a full day workshop down to two hours, and can be modified to fit the needs of your organization or department.
Participants of this short course learn the principles of universal design and apply these principles to their own lessons, labs, and field trips in order to accommodate students with a variety of apparent and non-apparent disabilities. This workshop includes student instructors who will discuss first-hand perspectives of negotiating the rigor of a geoscience curriculum while managing their disabilities. Key topics will include: accommodation in the geosciences; the barriers to access and inclusion; and the personal and social challenges that students may face away from the classroom. Additionally, participants will be introduced to a wealth of resources that can be used to support student success.
Help expand the course offering!
The IAGD is looking to create instructional teams of members interested in presenting the course regionally with a focus on K-12 earth science teachers and community college faculty. If you are interested in becoming an instructor on one of the short course teams, or regionally hosting this course at your campus, please contact info@theiagd.org.
Do you have a good idea for how to advertise this workshop? Or a conference we should take it to? Let us know! If you are interested in hosting the workshop on your campus, please contact info@theiagd.org.

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