The IAGD U.K. Chapter

Alison Stokes (former Executive Counsellor) and Jacqui Houghton (Executive Counsellor) are setting up a UK chapter of the IAGD to reflect the values of the IAGD in a UK context. Anyone interested in joining our executive committee or just getting involved, please contact: or

Associated Society of the Geological Society of London

In September 2017, the IAGD became an Associated Society of the Geological Society of London. Associated Societies are organisations with aims and missions consistent with those of the Geological Society in advancing the geosciences. Members of the IAGD have been working with the Society for several years including organising the very successful “Accessible Fieldwork: Confronting Barriers to Inclusion” meeting, which was held at the Society’s Burlington House in London in June 2015. This conference explored the issues involved in making fieldwork accessible to learners with a diverse range of abilities. The Society is also providing support and advice on setting up the IAGD’s UK chapter. The launch event for this will be hosted by the Society at Burlington House.

Geological Society of London is a partner to the IAGD

U.K. Accessible Field Course

Following the successful IAGD field trips, Executive Counsellor Jacqui Houghton is running an accessible field course funded by the HEFCE “Project  Embedding and Sustaining Inclusive Practices in STEM”. The island of Anglesey off the northwest coast of Wales is well known to UK geologists as a first class location for field trips. It has a fascinating geological history and includes the remnants of subduction zones, deep-sea black smokers, desert sandstones and tropical limestones. The September field course is open to undergraduate students studying a Geology (or related) degree at a UK university including those who may not otherwise be able to go into the field or fully participate in fieldwork due to health, learning, sensory or mobility conditions. It will also provide a  raining opportunity for geological sciences staff and students learning how to accommodate students with disabilities in field courses.

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