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The IAGD Mission has remained the same since 2008: To promote communities of research, instruction, and student support that improves access to the geosciences for persons with disabilities. Holding true to this mission will enable the IAGD to be instrumental in fostering the development of inclusively designed instructional resources and accessible training opportunities that will ultimately minimize the physical barriers along the path to the geoscience workforce. This is where the IAGD Foundation steps in, impacting both students and geoscience faculty and practitioners.

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Please remember the IAGD in your annual charitable giving. As a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible in the United States.
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THANK YOU to all of the following individuals and organizations who have awarded grants, or pledged monetary and in-kind support to the IAGD Foundation since July, 2017. YOU are making an IMPACT!

  • Anonymous
  • Sarah Kruse
  • Christopher Atchison
  • Anita Marshall
  • Tracy Atchison
  • Sarah McClain
  • Rachel Bosch
  • Veronica McCann
  • Jim Bruner
  • Annie Mead
  • Kat Cantner
  • Gretchen Miller
  • Ivan Carabajal
  • Elizabeth-Nagy Shadman
  • Kevin Crawford
  • The Next Wave
  • Serina Diniega
  • George and Jan Pavelis
  • Stephen Duncan
  • Pat Piatek
  • Lis Gallant
  • Roy Plotnick
  • Angel Garcia
  • Carrie and Jack Reed
  • Tyler Harris
  • Jessica Smay
  • Ruth Heindel
  • Ta-Shana Taylor
  • Heather Houlton
  • Geoff Thatcher
  • Warren Huff
  • Thomas Thatcher
  • Lenore and Howard Klein Foundation
  • Kaitlin Tilotta
  • Karen Kortz
  • Michelle Graff Wagner
  • Angela Webb

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