8. New IAGD Executive Counselors Elected

The IAGD warmly welcomes Dr. Jacqueline Houghton (University of Leeds, UK) and Ms. Anita Marshall (University of South Florida, USA) to the executive committee. Both were elected to the committee in late 2016 and will serve as executive counselors on a two-year term. They have already made big contributions to the IAGD and we’re lucky to have them on board!

Dr. Jacqueline Houghton:

I’m an Associate Professor Geological Sciences at the University of Leeds, UK where I teach structural geology, geological maps and fieldwork skills. I am the lead on our Virtual Landscapes project, which is creating screen-based virtual reality environments for fieldwork training and accessible alternative fieldtrips. Working with the IAGD, I hope to set up a UK/Europe chapter to grow our community, develop resources such as maps of accessible geological sites and expand the use of virtual reality in geoscience education.

Ms. Anita Marshall:

I am a PhD candidate with a split dissertation in Volcano Geophysics and Geoscience Education at the University of South Florida in Tampa. My education research focuses on various approaches to field work and how they influence the educational, affective, and social outcomes for students with disabilities. I am a professional photographer, I fly a drone, love to travel, make custom jewelry, and enjoy any kitchen-related activity (well, except for doing the dishes). I am looking forward to all the great things the IAGD has planned for this year and beyond, and am excited to be a part of it all.

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