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Happy 2018!

With the new-year comes many new IAGD events and activities. As the IAGD community continues to expand, awareness for improved access and inclusion in the geosciences is becoming more commonplace around the world.

First, I want to thank all of you who have supported the IAGD Foundation this past year. The growth and sustainability of our community is a direct reflection of your support and generosity. All of the IAGD events and activities are made possible through donations made to the IAGD Foundation. Please consider supporting the IAGD with a tax deductible contribution and planned charitable giving this year. Remember, everyone on the IAGD Executive Committee
volunteers their time and energy to advance our mission; 100% of all donations received support these IAGD resources, programs, and activities.

In June, the Geological Society is hosting us at the Burlington House in London as we will be breaking ground the first international IAGD chapter in the UK. Additionally, we are again hosting an inclusive instructional development workshop at the Earth Educators Rendezvous in July, collaborating with scholars in the UK on a residential, accessible field course in Wales in September, and leading a two-day accessible field trip to Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park in connection with the IAGD Annual Meeting in November. We have a lot to be excited about!

At the IAGD Annual Meeting, which will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, in November, the IAGD will celebrate ten years as a community. As we reach this milestone, I again ask each of you to reflect on your own journey over these ten years. For many of you, the awareness of access and inclusion has impacted you, or someone you know personally. For others, this awareness encourages us to support all of our students and improve our instructional strategies, classroom and workplace environments to include the talents and abilities of everyone. Creating awareness to improve access and inclusion is an important initial
step, but we must go beyond merely creating awareness. How are you putting your understanding into practice?

Thanks to support from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), our new website is set to launch on February 15, 2018. The new IAGD online community takes on more functionality of a social network, allowing all of you to share resources, experiences and connect with each other, either individually, or in groups. All of the resources are open and freely available to everyone open-sourced functionality to allow everyone to post and comment on the latest
resources and connect with other IAGD members around the world.

Remember, expansion requires people, and we need your help! If you are interested in serving on the IAGD Executive Committee or the IAGD UK Chapter, or have ideas to lead or take part in any events or activities that promote access and inclusion in the geosciences, we want to hear from you!

Chris Atchison

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