IAGD develops new tactile graphics repository for teaching geoscience concepts to Blind and low vision students

Raised-relief image of a plate subduction zone with Braille descriptions

Open any geology textbook. Its full-color photographs, illustrations, graphs, and maps are valuable for providing context and learning the story that geology has to tell. For Blind and low vision learners, these images are inaccessible. Providing alternate text to describe imagery with words provides some degree of accessibility, but...

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Course Opens International Field Research to College Students with Disabilities

Stawamus Chief Mountain (photo by Brett Gilley)

A UC researcher leads the trip that ends with participation in the Geological Society of America’s Annual Meeting. By: Dawn Fuller Phone: (513) 556-1823 A group of 15 graduate and undergraduate college students from the U.S. and Canada are packing for an adventure they’ve never had before – a chance...

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Studying the Worlds Oceans through Adaptive Technologies

Dr. Amy Bower, Senior Scientist in the Department of Physical Oceanography at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has been chasing ocean currents in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans for over 25 years, primarily by releasing acoustically tracked floats far below the sea surface. Legally blind since her mid-20s, Amy uses...

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Teaching How to Teach

Teaching How to Teach

A blind PhD student teaches others how to make their classrooms more inclusive. Story by Erik Potter Due to a degenerative retinal condition, Gina Ceylan’s vision had been slipping slowly — sometimes quickly — since childhood. Then, one morning in the middle of her master’s program in geology at...

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Gina Ceylan wins Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

Gina Ceylan wins Chancellor's Award for Excellence

Columbia, MO – Gina Ceylan, a doctoral student in science education, has won a 2011 Graduate Student Leadership Award. Part of the Chancellor’s Excellence Awards program, the Graduate Student Leadership Award honors graduate students who have made outstanding contributions to the campus or the community through their involvement in...

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