3. Developing an Accessible Future

The IAGD Mission has remained the same since 2008: to promote communities of research, instruction, and student support that improves access to the geosciences for individuals with disabilities. Holding true to this mission will permit the IAGD to be instrumental in fostering the development of inclusively designed instructional strategies and accessible training opportunities that will ultimately minimize the barriers to the geoscience workforce. This is where the IAGD Foundation steps in, and will have an impact on both students and geoscience faculty and practitioners.

Outcomes of the IAGD Foundation include: 

»Providing research seed funding, graduate student fellowships and travel support for students to attend and present at regional and national meetings

»Expanding the IAGD inclusive instructional training program by developing new resources and content modules, and offering the workshops more frequently at regional locations

»Developing and presenting after-school and informal education programs that focus on accessible earth science for students with disabilities at the middle and high school levels.

Interested in supporting, or participating in any of these endeavors? Learn more and contact us at foundation@TheIAGD.org

THANK YOU to all of the following individuals and organizations for monetary and in-kind support of the IAGD Foundation.

  • Chris and Tracy Atchison 
  • Anna Beard 
  • Christine Bradford 
  • Jennifer Earles 
  • Thomas Gill 
  • Heather Houlton 
  • Warren Huff 
  • Karen Kortz 
  • Gretchen Miller 
  • Linda Plevyak 
  • Roy Plotnick 
  • Robert Stern 
  • Wendi and Jeff Williams 
  • Geological Society of America 
  • International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), Commission on Geoscience Education, Training, and Technology Transfer (COGE) 

Please remember the IAGD in your annual charitable giving. As a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible in the United States. For information about the IAGD Foundation, and how you can donate visit:


Sponsors Sought for Named Awards 

The IAGD is currently seeking corporate partnerships to achieve our foundation goals. IAGD sponsors will receive international recognition through the naming of awards and initiatives that promote outstanding achievements in scholarship and service and the advancement of access and inclusion in the geoscience profession.

For more information about supporting the IAGD, or sponsoring an award, please contact IAGD Director, Dr. Chris Atchison at christopher.atchison@uc.edu.


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